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Buy High Quality Archery Tag Equipment
  • Archery Tag Equipment is an equipment used in a game that involves two teams of five players each. The game is played opposite where the players are separated by a safe zone in between them. The main aim is to hit the opponents knocking down the opponents five discs. A player can be thrown out of the game if they are knocked down by an arrow but can come back if a team member hits the other team’s red disk and also if a teammate catches an arrow.

    -To play this game, Archery tag equipment is needed which include the following(read more:):

    -The Archery bows which are made of strong fiberglass limbs with a cover made of leather.

    -The weight to draw which ranges from 25 to 35 lb. These are perfect for the shooting archery tags and the regular arrows. These bows are very safe and secure to use.

    -The foam tipped arrows which have smooth flat foam tips. This makes them harmless and has a lot of fun. These arrows can sustain a draw weight and length of 35 pounds at 28 inches. They can be found in a 12 piece set

    -Their shafts are made from carbon and fiberglass which make them so durable and flexible

    -The Arm Guards are made of a heavier leather. Protect the inner forearm which is always more exposed. They are easily put a hold on tightly.

    -The face masks which are made in a special way as they are an important vital feature for safety. They offer comfort and maximum. You can’t miss them while playing

    -The Inflatable Bunkers which introduces joy to the game. They shield you making them a key strategy in the game. The bunkers which are the obstacle to be put in place.

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